Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Monument to the Conception of the Frank Bobbins Institute

In September 2011 at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, we were sitting, relaxing beside the water, close to Sol LeWitt's ‘Cinder Block and Mortar Sculpture’. We had taken a group of students out for a research trip and our conversation drifted towards where their future would lie and we joked about setting up a studio space and gallery. We named the idea ‘The Frank Bobbins Institute’.
A year later, the opportunity for a venue arose and we stumbled back into the earlier conversation. An opportunity too good to be missed, we took the risk.

We are now in 2013 and a group of recent graduates have spent the last few months settling into the studio. We have curated and enjoyed developing several events, with a busy year of experimental fun ahead.

Recently we returned to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park with another group of students, this time we erected the 'Monument to the Conception of the frank bobbins Institute' in the place where we had our conversation.

Proof that having fun and joking about what could be achieved can lead to some very exciting results.

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