The Value Game

THE VALUE GAME: How much do you value art?

Originally exhibited in Brooklyn, New York, "THE VALUE GAME" is now a traveling show that tours as a relay between the artists involved. The selection of artists (listed below) are questioning how much you are prepared to pay for a piece of artwork through a variety of games and exhibitions. For more information about the conception of the game click HERE

The hand-over to Dale Fearnley... coming soon LINCOLN (18.04.15)

NOTTINGHAM (Surface Gallery) 24.01.15

WORKSOP (Frank Bobbins Institute) 22.11.15

BUSHWICK, (Brooklyn Fire Proof) 23 - 26.10.14

Artists involved are:  

Robert Foster
Philippa Rose
Rosie B
Brobirn - (Kevin Broughton & Fiona Birnie)
Mark Scott-Wood
GAST - (Laura Mahoney & Dale Fearnley)
Muriosity – Michael Underwood
Kirsty E Smith
Jasim Ghafur 
Indigo Richards
Mikkel Larris
Ben Roberts
Dave Davies
Jonny Roberts
Sally Anne Roberts 
Hesita Peppe
Joshua Raffell 
Julieann O’Malley

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