The Founders

        Jonny Roberts                                                                                                         Dave Davies

In 2002 two minds collided within a vacuum. The fallout from which resulted in the appearance of the omnipresent Francis Bernoli Gutermann Bobbins. Part slapstick fool, part futile and pointless object; Frank soon began a mission.

Within the following year ‘The Bobbinist Manifesto' was drawn up and work began to illuminate the void.

Ten years later and the Frank Bobbins Institute (F.B.I.) has arrived. The artspace is found, the artists are ready, work continues at pace. 

 2013 is the tenth anniversary of the Bobbinist Manifesto, soon a new public space will open. You will all be invited.

For now, here is the final few lines from

The Bobbinist Manifesto  
Bobbinism is the stepladder with which to see above the crowds.

Take off your shackles of what should be and create what is.

Have no worries

Have no pressures

Have no regard

Create the present for the future with a respect for the past,
but most of all
have a good time whilst you are at it.

Bobbinism has a smile

Use it.

Is it Heaven? (2007) 

Frank Bobbins Performance 2005
supporting performers Ben & Edward Roberts

Frank Bobbins

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