Sunday, 24 March 2013

Outrageously Pretentious: the Second Coming (The Outro)

Outrageously Pretentious: the Second Coming                                               The Outro (22.03.13)

Speeding along on your merry way, juggling eyeballs as trees and bananas flash by the window of your carriage. You stare slowly back through the courtyard, into the distance of a world about to become inside out, you wait, as paint dries.

Once again waves lap against your rolled up legs as you ascend into the darkness through a sprinkling of gold, to be faced with a tight squeeze, or a ring of a bell.
Decision made, you immerse yourself into the carnivalesque world of the Outrageously Pretentious.

The Second Coming draws to a close with this, the Outro. A mopping up of a night that also hails the end of the space beneath your feet.

For the past 18 months Over+Out has delivered an extensive programme of exciting events and exhibitions that, with this night, will come to an end.

Before that can happen, tonight must transpire.
For tonight, Ben Wardell, Yuang Chai Wong, Dicky Taylor, Nick Davie and Sarah Coombes are joined by an array of Lincoln based artists and a select group of honorary Frank Bobbins artists to bring you a night of multi sensory delight.

As The Invisible Artist, Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber rub shoulders in this gnome filled time of merriment, we strike a pose and drink from the fountain of eternal obviousness. Ponder for a while, before accepting the difference between Time Transfixed on a bicycle and the lucky patch of night is really the size of an oak tree.

Listen intently as the voice of a generation shouts quietly in your ear, with the sound of the drum beating down gently from intention to realisation. If you have a beard, now would be an opportune time to give it a stroke.

Lower the flag. Pull the plug, and put the cat out with the milk bottles, if you are the last to leave. This journey has only just begun.
Look at the stars in the sky, make a wish, step on board and throw caution to the wind. Place the can with the can and dust merrily along towards the next instalment as we spin around in the waltzer cars.

Keep your hands inside the car at all times, hold on tight and scream if you want to go faster.
We hope you enjoy the ride.

After all, a potted plant is not always what it seems.                       

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