Monday, 10 June 2013

Fernando's Fur Fetish

Fernano’s Fur Fetish is an accidental collaborative piece of artwork that is representative of the way in which work evolves at the Frank Bobbins Institute.
A recent piece by Dicky Taylor stood in the corner of the studio, it had been there for days without comment, question or discussion. Merely attracting the usual intrigue of a glance, a stroke and an appreciative acknowledgement of its existence.

It was enough of a departure in style and content for Dicky, and a passing interest was enough recognition until the work had found its way into conversation at an appropriate time for discussion.

That time came whilst seated around the studio settee, in a usual informal discussion about the merits and frustrations with each others artwork.
The artwork, a large frame covered in imitation animal print fur, following a stroking session was discussed briefly and plans for the future possibilities expressed by Dicky. At one point in the conversation Dicky stated that he would like a critique of the work writing and nominated Philippa, who had remained silent throughout, to produce the appraisal.

The conversation drifted away towards another work, ideas for the entrance commission and dates for the next show. Nothing more was said about the request.

What must be understood is that Philippa often has very little to say when discussions take place. The odd nod, shrug or shake of the head is the usual manner in which she will critique a work. She is a woman of few words and many complexities. All of which converge to create an impression of reserved judgement.

Several weeks passed and the conversation faded to a distant memory, until the emergence of a zebra print bag. Contained within the bag was a fur covered book. Dicky, slightly bemused, began to flick through the book. His casual page turning became engagement and spellbound absorption.
The book contained pages and pages of poetry and a few short stories. All of which were a response to the artwork for which Dicky had casually requested a brief critique.

Fernando’s Fur Fetish is one of the short pieces of writing from within the book.

As a response to the writing, Dicky decided that he world extend the work further through filming the work as a reading and requested a voice. Rosie B volunteered her services and the results can be seen above.

The accidental collaboration, through mutual respect and admiration continue to develop. Nothing is forced and work evolves at its own pace alongside individual artists activities.

Philippa is currently writing a series of performance works for Rosie B and is responding to  'The First Waltz’, a selection from which will be available when they are complete.

The Frank Bobbins Studio space has no walls, no barriers within which the artists create their work. They are free to work to the scale of their choice and manage their development without initial concern for parameters. From this environment grows a diverse range of individual work and a broad range of collaborations. Some as experiments, some as individual challenges, others as a bit of a joke; all with a sense of enthusiasm, intrigue and a smile.

It is always interesting to visit and see what ideas are forming, always exciting to see what will happen next.

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