Thursday, 16 October 2014

Virtual Interlude

Welcome to the Frank Bobbins Institute Virtual Interlude!

As part of our contribution to Exchange Rates we are presenting a virtual exhibition.

The show may be accessed through your smartphone, or tablet, by downloading a QR Code reader and scanning the codes within the gallery, or below.

BroBirn: Meritopolis

Juliann O'Mally: Stop talking Sh*t

Rosie B: MVI 0752

Roberts Foster: Explaining Maths and Mysticism

Sarah Todino: A Change of states

Frank Bobbins: EGGS

Ben Roberts: Do you control the dream...?

Joshua Raffell & Dolores De Sade: You...

Hestia Peppe: Through a Small Glass

Jasim Ghafur & Mina Fatemi: Universal Voice

Jonny Roberts: Plight

Philippa Rose: Guinea P Tea

Frank Bobbins: Suit

Kirsty E Smith: Living in a Box

Sally Anne Roberts & Lizzy Levy: Sheep

Mark Scott Wood: Hanging (in a garden of Babylon)

Jonny Roberts: Things just seem to happen...

Michael Underwood: NewYorkNewYork

Sally Anne Roberts: Celyn

Frank Bobbins: Much more tea vicar...?


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