Monday, 31 March 2014


This, the perpetual condition of sucking EGGS, is from an ongoing series of actions by Frank Bobbins.

The artists boil the eggs, the eggs become artwork, the artists consume the eggs, the artists become artworks, the artists boil the eggs, the eggs become the artwork...

The film below is a record of the first consumption in the artists descent into the realms of the perpetual condition of sucking eggs.

The quote below is taken from the Piero Manzoni Archive

"The Public as a Work of Art: the Consumption of Art

If art has no message, if the artwork doesn't exist anymore, the public cannot be only a spectator. The public too must become a work of art, following the tracks of the artist and the vestiges of his artistic body.

On July 21 1960, took place in Milan "an exhibition of edible exhibits": the Consumption of dynamic art by the art-devouring public ("Consumazio- ne dell'arte dinamica del pubblico divorare l'arte"). 

Manzoni boiled some eggs on a table. Then signed each egg with the imprint of his thumb dipped in ink and offered them to the visitors to eat. Manzoni, too, devoured an egg.

Swallowing the eggs consecrated by the contact with the artist's hand, Manzoni and the public merged themselves in a mystical communion with art."

We love you all!!

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