Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Years Revolutions...

Frank Bobbins have gone to committee and reached a series of New Year Revolutions for 2014

Number 1: Ensure that every decision is subjected to a committee and therefore becomes a watered down version of the original idea.

Number 2 : Listen to the voices of descent and only produce artwork that gains their respect.

Number 3 : Ensure that any work produced is masked by a thin veil of intelligence and therefore should avoid any form of flippancy.

Number 4 : A sense of fun should be avoided.

Number 5 : Become dull and begin to whinge about the state of the artworld, without actually doing anything about it.

Based upon this fool proof set of rules for success, next year offers a great deal of praise and well being.

We love you all...

Remember to Lunge, Lean and Look at your world and the contemporararay arrrrt sceene!


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