Thursday, 4 July 2013

Have you got a Hot Ass?

The Frank Bobbins Institute 'Hot Ass Artists Tour' is continuing on its way. 

What is that ? We hear you cry...

Well... the tour is essentially an action, a performance or a load of nonsense. You decide...
The Frank Bobbins Artists don their fur coats, their glad rags and their best hair. They remove their knickers to tour art shows and events across the country. They wear their work on their sleeve and record their journey along the way.

Why should I care...? your academic, questioning and furrowed brow exclaims...

In answer we say, 'thats entirely up to you'. 

We, at the Frank Bobbins Institute, believe in an inclusive artistic experience. One that encourages you to wander through the doors of a gallery. One that does not judge whether you fit in with the uber-cool beard stroking, art posturing space. We want you to enjoy your experience without demanding that you create work or think in a way that is censored by our divine knowledge. We love you all, warts and all. Even if you are an uber-cool artiste.

Therefore, the best way to judge is by having a go yourself. 

We invite you to join our tour, yes you...

Don your fur coat, discard your metaphorical or actual knickers and join the superficial world of the Frank Bobbins Institute artists. Wear your work on your sleeve and meet us along the way. We will publish where we will be visiting and record the tour along the way. If you would like to know more, contact us through the contact box on the right and to find out more about the tour Click here

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