Thursday, 7 March 2013

Outrageously Pretentious: the Second Coming (Intro)

Outrageously Pretentious – The Second Coming (4th March 2013) Over+Out Lincoln.

As the warm sea rolls in over your feet, splashing your rolled up legs, you drift gently into a world of tranquillity. The sun strokes your face, and all is well. Pineapple pushing memories from the night before are shaken away with the trees that merrily sway in the gentle breeze.

Climb the stairs,
Brush the curtain aside and enter the darkness.
Lie down by the playful fountain.
And squeeze yourself into something less comfortable.

Welcome, once again, to the world of the Outrageously Pretentious.

Following the fortunes of a time with cake, join this fruit filled ride. As Jupiter looks on, you may sip and wander. As the transformed dream steams along to discover those heady days from antiquity and beyond.

Time slows to the speed of light and once again you view the world through the eyes of a potato, blinkered only through your desire to see more. What delights will you find? What revelations to behold? Experiences met? In this - The Second Coming.

Tonight, ‘The Intro’, a pineapple of a night that delivers what, for the past two months, Richard Taylor, Ben Wardell, Nick Davie, Yuang Chai Wong and Sarah Coombes have been formulating, plotting and playing. Join them as they step to the beat of their own composition in this chapter of the experience through another curated experiment in how to create, consider and look at artwork.

Did you know that the pineapple, a most excellent fruit and an emblem of welcome, hospitality and giving, is a clump of berries, fused together to create a whole?

The ‘Intro’ will be followed shortly by “The Outro’, A night that will extend the dialogue created by these artists through the invitation of those based in Lincoln, Artists who will be selected for their positive embracement of the playful, the inquisitive and beyond.

Alongside bananas in a deserted courtyard, you stare aimlessly towards the horizon. The waves continue to lap at your feet as the number 42 train comes into view. It pulls up. You climb aboard and continue along your merry way.

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